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NOTE: Book written through (3) publications, over the course of 4 years 3 months.  For Paperback, if “New” and “Used” offered, order “New” to ensure get Final Edition ( 4/7/2016).

For Those Current Sufferers from Anxiety and Depression, or for those who are looking for an Excellent Set of Life Management Skills (regardless of your condition), you have all come to the right place! If you are looking for a Sense of Inner Peace / Peace of Mind, Welcome!  This is Serious, Effective, and is as Real as it Gets (!), and although Anxiety and Depression is no laughing matter, Humor has its place in helping you. It will all make sense as you go thru the Book.

I am not a “professional” in this field, but for those that Know, Know this is not Important Here Really. What’s Important here is Learning these matters through Experience!  I have Seriously felt all those A & D pains for 25 + years as a Significant Sufferer.   I Do Not Want To See Anyone Go Thru This and This Has Been My #1 Incentive In Writing This Book!    I certainly understand what it is like when Anxiety and Depression goes unchecked, having spent (4) times in a psych ward and have gone well beyond this actually…  Now, after what I have come across, Learned, Lived, and Experienced, I Certainly Know What It Really Takes To Best Get Out Of It and Flourish!  Frankly speaking, I don’t believe there is anyone who couldn’t get something out of this unless they have been thoroughly educated on these matters, and most importantly, have Experienced it all themselves.  After So Many Years of Experience (36 + years now actually), and what I have seen out there regarding Books on the matter, or going to those “professionals” through the many years (Good God!), in a “True Self Help/Self-Select Book” Form, I Am Convinced (and my Gut+ tells me)  There Is Nothing Better …

I have felt Strong about this Book from the Original/1st Release (6/19/14) version Knowing It Is All About Content Integrity to Help Someone.  But after the 2nd Edition (Rev. Date: 2/19/15) updates, and now the 3rd/Final Edition (Rev. Date: 04/07/2016) updates, this Book has Positively Grown…   This Final Edition Book Clearly identifies the True Power, Importance, and the Significance of:

    1. The included Optimum & Detailed Positivity Tools & Skills, and Instruction Set Process, encompassing the majority of the Book, teaches Us exactly How Best To Change Our negative thoughts and mindset to Positive Thoughts and Mindset. This is the Bottom Line Key to Rid Ourselves from negativity due to Our earthly issues and resultant problems with Anxiety and Depression (or related problems: PTSD, Addictions, OCD, other acronyms), and then to Aspire in Life. 23 years before the Book “The Secret” was published (2006), which addressed the power in Positive Thinking (but not a How to …), the Lady I learned from, started her business to determine the Best Approach to Deal with Anxiety and Depression. That Approach which she and her experts developed and optimized over the course of approximately 16 years is, I am Convinced to be, How Best To convert our negative thoughts and mindset to Positive Thoughts and Mindset in Life, considering the way we are, think, and operate as humans. The Details which are Key here are included in this Lady’s Program(s) marketed in the 1990s to early 2000s but were not included in a Book;  these Details are what I funneled into this Book using my own words for the most part (& clearly addressed when not), the Best way I Know and Felt, along with a few Key Elements I was able to provide, which I Know can Only Help. Although we all strive to be Positive in Life, we can’t figure this out on our own… When One Does It/Works It, that is when It’s True Power & Effectiveness is realized, allowing One to achieve Their True Potential!  Oh, I of course have contacted the Lady I learned from, and she is aware of this Book and is Supportive.


  1. Combining This Positivity Process together with Our Belief System/ Our Faith (ref:  Book section 4, which I often refer to it as the “Big Picture”).  This can Help us through the Process of Recovery or Improvement from Our negative thinking ways to a Positive mindset, Helps Us Amend or Establish a Strong Foundation/Core within, and Helps Solidify Our Recovery/Improvement and Our Well Being (Our Positivity & Peace Of Mind). Equivalence to a 12 step program for addictions (to alcohol or drugs) is drawn in the Book with noted exceptions; the exceptions being, the problems we are dealing with or Our addictions here involve Our negativity instead, and Most Importantly, contrary to the Need for a sponsor and support groups to deal with addictions, the included Positivity Process, aside from support from God Ultimately, Only Depends on Ourselves.  As we Train Ourselves By Ourselves to become Positive and Good within, we no longer depend on others to make us feel Good, and therefore become Much Less Affected if not impervious to negative inputs from others.  This Is Certainly Important for Anyone really!  Section 4 sub-sections also addresses problems with Today’s Society, losing sight of “The Big Picture”, essentially heightening and increasing Our negativity and hence Our Anxieties and Depression, etc.

Summing Things Up: We are All the same basic People, the way We are, think, and operate, and the only difference between each One of Us and Our Well Being (aside from exercise and eating well as the Book also mentions) are Our unique negative thoughts/negativity (vs. Our Positive thoughts/Positivity) that affect us individually. The Book’s Detailed Tools/Skills & Instruction set which identifies How Best To drill down to Our negatives and sources of Our negativity and resolve matters, is why this Book is So Effective if One Works It (i.e. Work it to the extent necessary based on One’s condition as the Book addresses). Resultant Positivity results in/maintains Healthy Brain chemistry/function, and based on the laws of attraction, this just enhances Our Positivity and One’s Good feelings as opposed to negativity which negatively impacts Our Brain chemistry resulting in Anxiety and Depression. Parallels between the included Positivity Tools/Skills and the Bible are drawn in the Book, and when I look further into the parallels, it is Uncanny actually, in such a Positive Way :). When considering the existence of Quantum Physics/Mechanics which is known to be the vehicle by which the laws of attraction occur and Who/What is the Provider/Designer of this Phenomenon (Our Supreme Being = Subject of the Bible :)), It Just All Sums Up as We connect the dots… So when the Positivity Tools/Skills are arranged in an Optimized manner as I Learned and as they are presented, along with section 4, this allows Us to Optimize Our Well Being. Hence, that is why the Book material is So Effective and is as Good As We Can Take Care Of Ourselves. I often say to Religious groups I run into, Thanks for doing what You are doing… But I let them know, although the Bible does say… “be Positive”, other than Faith which Of Course is Huge+, it does not say How Best To Do that when dealing with Our earthly issues based on Our Biological and Physiological make-up, … or maybe how to Breathe best, etc., as the Book addresses.

Please, I Urge You to Read On for You and Your Loved Ones !


Final Edition (Rev. Date 04/07/16) of this Book is Now Available at all sites in Paperback and e-Book forms.  “Look Inside …” tab on this site includes links to various on-line Book sites.  If you desire a Paperback, and “New” and “Used” Books are available, be sure to order “New”to assure you will be getting a Final Edition Book.  If the Copyright information page of the Book (on unmarked page 4), identifies “Rev Date: 04/07/2016, this signifies a Final Edition Book.  If you have purchased the Original or the 2nd edition Books, for those who I have not contacted, notify me per e-mail (, and I will promptly provide an IS (New) / WAS (depending on if Original or 2nd Edition) document  that clearly identifies the differences, as I did per the 2nd edition updates.   I will be providing a complete updated end of Preface and the Full Introduction 1. Through to 1.1 as part of this, and this file is available to anyone who notifies me.