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The Most Impactful Part of the Book resides in one paragraph and it’s (4) sub-bullets in section 4. This paragraph ties all the pieces of the Book together as it combines the Positivity Tools with Section 4, making these and All Our Positivity statements as Strong as they can be, as we end our positive statements with e.g “Through You God and Jesus, Because of You God and Jesus (& Have Faith!)”, and as We Allow Our Faith to Grow…

The Most Difficult paragraph in the Book for me to write/convey (in sect. 4) ,considering I wrote this for the general public is:

“I firmly believe there is a need to believe in a Higher Power in our lives. Need to identify up front that I am Christian, so I refer to the Higher Power as God and our Savior as Jesus Christ. Other Religions may have a different name for their Higher Power and may not have a Religious Being that parallels Jesus Christ; that I do not know. So please, if you practice your faith through a different Religion, while reading through this material, then please, make the associated switch to the name of your Higher Power and it should be all real and fitting for you as well.”

Bottom Line, I Am Not The JUDGE/MASTER here when All Is Said and Done; GOD IS and Only HE KNOWS what the Final Verdict Is! So, I felt I could not say otherwise here…

Regarding “…   and may not have a Religious Being that parallels Jesus Christ; that I do not know.”  Fact is I never studied other Religions so can’t say for sure, but I don’t Believe there is a Parallel.

Section 4 of the Book essentially sums up to be and says  “… allow Your Faith to Grow.”   I keep that open ended as far as on How Exactly to Get there and Exactly what the Feel is when You do get there since this part of the Process, contrary to the included Positivity Tools/Skills, does involve/require a Personal journey.  I guess the best term addressing that Feel, is Euphoria when you sense That True Belief and Zero in on it which is getting more Clear to me as I progress… As far as How to Get There, suggestions which I did not put in the Book would be Prayer (continual at times during those quiescent times, but certainly more than a “Hail Mary”, or an “Our Father” when waking up or before going to bed :)), repetitive Scripture/Bible readings, and maybe reading daily one of those Sarah Young’s daily devotional Books (one I locked into is “Jesus Always”).

Parallels between the included Positivity Tools/Skills and the Bible are drawn, and when I look further into the parallels/uniformity between This Positivity Process which flat out Saved My Life+, and the Bible, it’s Uncanny In Such A Positive Way :), & That’s why it is SO EFFECTIVE when One Works It!  In section 4 I do have a paragraph about related terms stating in part :  “The Positivity Tools & Skills essentially teach us the importance of being and Living through Life with Honesty (towards ourselves and others), Patience, Humility, Forgiveness, and Gratitude to Best Deal With our negativity, and hence, our Anxieties, and Depression. And there are probably other Positive characteristics that are not coming to mind now while writing this. Now, these are the same character qualities that are emphasized within the Bible on how we should operate as People/ Christians in Life. …”  Well, I did forget one of the most important ones: Love :)! Besides, did not address the commonality of the repetitive reading/training that We Need to do associated with the Positivity Process, and allowing Our Faith to Grow…

Interest in this Book is Growing rather Extensively since the Original publication, acknowledging the number of clicks registered for those that go to the Book site to take a look at it per a Bookdaily site/service who was associated with Amazon before saying Goodbye. In 2017, 331,199 went to the Book site for my Book to take a look at it.  In 2018 I’m seeing some Interesting numbers as well.  The service included promotional e-mails dispersed with my Book showing up/advertised in various Health and Fitness/Mind & Body/Self-Help, Wellness related e-mailers.  In April/18 had 13,346 of those e-mails opened, and 23,677 who went to the Book site to take a look at it.  In  May/18 those numbers were 11,964, and 11606 respectively, and in June/18 through to 6/10, those numbers were 545, 7475 respectively so far :).  When I went to the site on 6/13, the information was removed; Bummer :).  Anyway, these are pretty Crazy numbers from what I understand indicating Lots of Interest! Only a matter of time before People realize the Truth and Reality of this TRUE Self-Help Book and really start getting it.

But there exists reluctance in getting a Book on Anxiety & Depression from an unknown author (me) as opposed to a PHD or someone with credentials. But like I say “It takes One to Really Know One and to Really Help One to Rise and Shine”. Ditto Who I learned from. She was a non-professional and a Sufferer as I was, Who Saved My Life and Many Others! Don’t need to have a PHD or a special title to inform You What It Really Takes to deal with Our Issues… The Very Experienced Know Best Really… The Book is based on the Simple/Logical understanding that a negative thought makes us feel bad, impacting Our brain/body chemistry in a negative way, and a Positive thought makes us feel Good and reverses those negative impacts. And if We string those negative thoughts together overtime, like dominos in effect it seems, we develop Issues of Anxiety/Depression or related, PTSD (triggered by a traumatic event(s)), or Addictions for Those addictive types when dealing with those A & D pains. Conversely, when we string those Positive thoughts together, We Feel Good if not Great often, resulting from that Positive mindset. Now it is a matter of Truly Knowing what it really takes to Turn it All Around and Aspire in Life. Yes, I am 110% Certain, This TRUE Self-Help Book provides the Answers/Solutions on How Best To Solve All That for Life ! If this is not the Answer, there Is None; NO DOUBTS!  Bottom Line is, We All Have to do the Work Ourselves. No One can do it for Us, and Certainly there is and will never be a magic pill!!!

There also exists reluctance in getting this Book since People typically do not like Change (on How We react to things as it amounts to) to Improve, and often just carry through Life the same way expecting different results… But We just don’t work that way! We need to Change some to Improve in Life (bottom line) and put some hard work in and Try in the process! As such, Most will not Know How Much Improvement in Life They Could Have if they actually Worked this, or for that matter Tried to do this. Also, People often feel they have to figure out things on their own in Life, but if I for one continued down that path in Life, I Certainly Know I would not be here (No Doubts!). So Unnecessary and beyond to “Reinvent the Wheel” here!

As for 2) Cousins of mine, they have refused to Try to Change to Improve. One has been homeless for some time Sadly, and the Other has been essentially locked in his room in his Mom’s home for over 20 years, So afraid to Live Life…So Sad!

Only Editor I had was Something Much Bigger Than Us :)…